British Letterpress

Letterpress Rollers

We have hands-on guides to most aspects of let­ter­press print­ing; inform­a­tion about print­ing presses and let­ter­press typein-depth art­icles about some of the more obscure areas of print­ing; and the hub of the let­ter­press com­munity in the UK, cov­er­ing tuition, print­ers and museums.

Benj. Brundell

Main Sections

  • Adana 8 x 5 with Inking Unit Letterpress Guides

    Step-by-step guides to take you through the let­ter­press process

  • Wood Letter Type and Typography

    The building blocks of the prin­ted word and today’s graphic design

  • Model Treadle Press (from Excelsior Catalogue) Presses

    A com­pre­hens­ive catalogue of Britain’s most pop­u­lar let­ter­press machines

  • Print Room at Oliver and Boyd Printing Industry

    Historical articles and in-depth analysis of letterpress

  • Preparing a Layout (from Typoretum) Community

    The hub of today’s UK let­ter­press community