Maid In Britain: Of a Printer and his Devil

A really lovely write up, with some great pho­tos, of friends at Incline Press in Old­ham. I espe­cially like the photo that I’ve appro­pri­ated above — Gra­ham appear­ing to be about to per­form a magic­al spell!
Please shout, MIB, if I should remove this pic.

Hato Press: Risograph Specifications 

I have some sym­pathy for the Riso­graph people.  Their pro­cess isn’t like ours: using mov­able types, but they oper­ate with the same lim­it­a­tions — a single col­our each pass and a lim­ited means of repro­duc­tion.

This guide from the Hato Press explains the lim­it­a­tions — and the qual­it­ies of Riso print­ing — beau­ti­fully.

Head­er image: Riso­graph flickr photo by Yan­nic Mey­er shared under a Cre­at­ive Com­mons (BY-NC) license