Print Futures Awards: 2018 – Call for Applications

The Print Futures Awards help people develop their career in the UK printing, paper, publishing, packaging and graphic arts sectors.

What are the Print Futures Awards?

The Awards are grants of up to £1,500 to help individuals develop their workplace skills or assist new people to follow a pathway into employment with living and travel costs while studying and working.

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply if you are a UK resident aged 18-30 years and

  • are an apprentice or studying for an NVQ in a UK print-related organisation
  • are already working in the UK industry and want to further develop
    your workplace skills

Apply here

St Bride Event: Douglas Downing on The Dalziel Brothers

A note from St Bride on an upcoming event.

I am emailing on behalf of the St Bride Foundation where I curate their events programme as I wanted to let you know about a talk we have coming up that may be of interest to you and your fellow members.

It is being held on Friday 24 November at 7pm and is being given by Douglas Downing on The Dalziel Brothers. Douglas is a descendent of theirs so it will be a very rich and detailed talk about his research into the family and their work throughout the 60 years that they ran the Camden Press. Most notably, they cut the engravings for Edward Lear’s Book of Nonsense and Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and worked with many well known artists including Millais, Whistler and Rosetti.

We are hoping to also print a keepsake for the evening in our print room too and will confirm this in the next month all being well.

For more information, you can visit our website at:

Header image from Andrea Vail, Flickr.