St Bride Event: Douglas Downing on The Dalziel Brothers

A note from St Bride on an upcoming event.

I am emailing on behalf of the St Bride Foundation where I curate their events programme as I wanted to let you know about a talk we have coming up that may be of interest to you and your fellow members.

It is being held on Friday 24 November at 7pm and is being given by Douglas Downing on The Dalziel Brothers. Douglas is a descendent of theirs so it will be a very rich and detailed talk about his research into the family and their work throughout the 60 years that they ran the Camden Press. Most notably, they cut the engravings for Edward Lear’s Book of Nonsense and Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and worked with many well known artists including Millais, Whistler and Rosetti.

We are hoping to also print a keepsake for the evening in our print room too and will confirm this in the next month all being well.

For more information, you can visit our website at:

Header image from Andrea Vail, Flickr.

The Telegraph: The polymath with a font of knowledge

An enjoyable Telegraph article about Kelvyn Smith, proprietor of Mr Smith’s Letterpress workshop.  A thoroughly nice man who was good enough to talk me through his approach to printing a couple of years ago.

Maid In Britain: Of a Printer and his Devil

A really lovely write up, with some great photos, of friends at Incline Press in Oldham. I especially like the photo that I’ve appropriated above — Graham appearing to be about to perform a magical spell!
Please shout, MIB, if I should remove this pic.

Hato Press: Risograph Specifications 

I have some sympathy for the Risograph people.  Their process isn’t like ours: using movable types, but they operate with the same limitations — a single colour each pass and a limited means of reproduction.

This guide from the Hato Press explains the limitations — and the qualities of Riso printing — beautifully.

I also stumbled on this colour chart from Fredk. Aldous of Manchester —

Header image: Risograph flickr photo by Yannic Meyer shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license