Maid in Britain: The sensory pleasures of printing and pressing

Mary from Maid in Britain has been in touch — the Rufford Printing Co in Mawdesley, Lancashire helped me produce a booklet – a first for them I think – typeset on the last Intertype machine of its kind ever made and which was in use at the Guardian until 1987 – then hand printed on a Vandercook.

This is all written up, and beautifully photographed on the Maid in Britain blog.

The Telegraph: The polymath with a font of knowledge

An enjoyable Telegraph article about Kelvyn Smith, proprietor of Mr Smith’s Letterpress workshop.  A thoroughly nice man who was good enough to talk me through his approach to printing a couple of years ago.

The Letterpress Collective, Bristol

Nick Hand and Ellen Bills run the Letterpress Collective in Bristol.  They run courses, undertake printing and organise a print festival each year.  Nick suspects (and I agree) that he is the only printer to have a fully fledged bicycle with a printing press on that has ridden from Bristol to Mainz printing along the way.

Centrespace, 6 Leonard Lane, Bristol BS1 1EA

People of Print: Justin Knopp, Typoretum

I’m still catching up on old links and found this from July: the ever-amazing Typoretum with Just Knopp at the helm.

Typoretum, Colchester

Just Knopp’s Typoretum, Essex

As well as being an excellent letterpress printer, Justin Knopp runs a num­ber of short let­ter­press courses in Essex.  I endorse Justin as a great let­ter­press sup­porter and am cer­tain that print­ers at all levels of under­stand­ing would enjoy his workshops.

Justin’s Profile

My first prac­tical intro­duc­tion to let­ter­press print­ing came whilst study­ing BA (hons) Graphic Design at Cent­ral Saint Mar­tins Col­lege of Art & Design (1991?1994). After spend­ing two days in the College’s Com­pos­ing Room — a 1950s time cap­sule deep down in the bowels of the build­ing — I quickly became fas­cin­ated by the cre­at­ive poten­tial of the pro­cess and by the ancient skills and ingeni­ous machines employed to make it all happen.

Since gradu­at­ing, my involve­ment with let­ter­press print­ing has deepened and I have acquired a sub­stan­tial col­lec­tion of lead and wooden types, print­ing machines and other paraphernalia — much of which I have res­cued and restored to work­ing order.

After hav­ing spent many years design­ing and print­ing let­ter­press cards for friends, fam­ily, fel­low print­makers and the occa­sional com­mis­sion, I decided to intro­duce my designs to a wider audi­ence. After four­teen years of act­ive let­ter­press print­ing and two years of ded­ic­ated plan­ning, TYPORETUM was launched in August 2008 and all of our let­ter­press products are avail­able for view­ing and pur­chase via our web­site at TYPORETUM oper­ates with the sup­port of my wife, Cecilia, and occa­sional artistic input from our two year-old daughter!