The hub of today’s UK let­ter­press com­munity

The pop­ular con­cep­tion is that let­ter­press print­ing is dead. While it’s true that com­mer­cial let­ter­press has shrunk, there are a myri­ad of things you can do today to either learn more about let­ter­press print­ing from the past, or equip your­self for the future.

Letterpress Places



UK Let­ter­press Events

On an almost-weekly basis, let­ter­press events are tak­ing place all over the UK.

Submitting Your Own Events

I will be happy to pub­li­cise any let­ter­press-related event in the UK.  All I ask is that you use a stand­ard form­at to help me keep on top of events.  You’ll need to email me with a Cal­en­dar Entry or Meet­ing Request from your cal­en­der­ing applic­a­tions (like Out­look, Google Cal­en­dar, iCal etc.) with all the details: title, loc­a­tion, dates and times etc.  I can then import these in to my cal­en­dar.  Please use the con­tact form to get my email address.