St Bride Library Closure: Update Roundup

On 31 July I posted that the Library at St Bride’s was to close, but nothing had been published on the Foundation’s website.

Around the same time PrintWeek reported that the Library was being ‘restructured‘.  The Association of European Museums said —

Given the climate of uncertainty which has surrounded the future development of the St Bride Library in recent years, these announcements can only add to the anxiety felt by the many scholars, typographers and designers worldwide for whom St Bride’s is one of the foremost international resources in the field.

On 06 August the Foundation made a statement to clarify the position.  I’m rather selective here in my quote, but I find this remarkable —

Many of you will have heard wild stories about the closure of St Bride Library and the Workshop. I am also aware that some people are under the impression that the whole Foundation is closing without further ado and that everything will be sold or given away and that will be the end of the story.

This is simply not true.

Disappointingly, the wildest story — that the library and workshops will cease — is true.

Closure of St Bride Library

Terrible news this afternoon: after 123 years St Bride Library will close.  The website it not yet updated, but this message was posted to the LETPRESS list today —

St Bride Foundation Update

We would like to bring to your attention that due to funding constraints the Foundation regrets that it is no longer possible to keep the printing workshop and library open in the current format.

This has meant that the employees working in those departments have had to be made redundant.

St Bride Foundation remains committed to the care and conservation of its collections and conservation work will continue.

If you have made bookings for visits to the library or printing workshop we shall be contacting you in the near future.

The ‘Shepherd’s at St Bride’ courses and our series of lectures will remain unaffected.

All the other activities that take place within the Foundation, the Bridewell Theatre, the Bridewell Bar and venue hire all remain vibrant and fully active, which includes our current exhibition ‘St Bride Unveiled’.

For any further information please contact the Chief Executive