BritishLetterpress.co.uk has served nearly seventy thousand pages to around ten thousand unique visitors since March 2007. Most (62%) are from the UK and around one-third have arrived from a search engine looking for information about hobby letterpress printing.

Purpose of this Site

This site’s purpose is to help those beginning letterpress printing, especially in the UK. Why not have a look at the home page or the guides to starting letterpress printing . Feel free to contact me about the site or letterpress printing.

Why Put it Together?

I put this site together to help new and experienced letterpress printers get started and keep the momentum going. With contributions from many authors, the site includes specific guides to letterpress printing as a hobby and the wonderful presses, or printing machines. For those that know all they need to about printing, there are guides to learning more and selling or disposing of letterpress equipment

Technical Help and Adverts

Please have a look at the more detailed page about the British Letterpress Site