Groups and Societies

Printers tend to be sociable fellows, and it’s always nice to meet like-minded people. Happily the UK has online and real-life groups that can support you in your letterpress journey.

British Printing Society

The British Printing Society has a purpose to create ‘friendly association’ between printers of all types. (This unfortunately includes litho printers!) There are local branches in many parts of the UK; a regular magazine and an annual convention.

Oxford Guild of Printers

The Oxford Guild of Printers is a more book- and letterpress-focussed group than the BPS and happily has members across the UK. While most events – like the monthly meetings and the Wayzgoose – are in Oxfordshire or surrounding areas, the Guild is very friendly. Worth joining even if you’re miles away from Oxford!

Printing Historical Society

Devoted to the recording and exploration of printing history, the PHS has done wonderful work and produces the excellent Journal of the Printing Historical Society as well as Printing History News with the Friends of St. Bride.

Online: Briar Press

The rightful parent to all other letterpress websites, Briar Press has been running for just over fifteen years. While started as a US-focussed site its reach has now spread over the world. Briar Press has the best online discussion forums; and also the best place to buy and sell letterpress equipment outside of the UK.

Online: Metal Type

Dave Hughes’ vibrant site is a mecca for those that case type in the UK whether Ludlow, linecaster or Monotype. The site also includes plenty of stories and personal histories of typecasting and newspapers especially.