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I get emails on a reg­u­lar basis from people look­ing to get hands-on tuition in let­ter­press tech­niques. As far as I know this remains a very lim­ited field. Course pro­viders are lis­ted below, many are pro­fes­sional let­ter­press print­ers as well. None of the people below have paid to be lis­ted. If you’d like to add to this list, please con­tact me.

There’s a taster below from Ply­mouth University

Upside Down, Left To Right: A Let­ter­press Film from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.


In the North of Britain

Hot Bed Press, Salford

Hot Bed Press has expan­ded it’s let­ter­press facil­ity. We now run rudi­ment­ary and advanced type­set­ting courses in our ded­ic­ated let­ter­press area. Taught by Gra­ham Moss of Incline Press the courses are very pop­u­lar and we expect to run them through­out the year. Each course is lim­ited to 6 people. Any­one wish­ing to take the exper­i­ence fur­ther into prac­tice can access the facil­it­ies for just £2.00 per hour.

See our web­site for more details: www.hotbedpress.org.

Incline Press, Oldham

Gra­ham Moss and Kathy Whalen at the Incline Press in Old­ham, Lan­cashire, offers per­son­al­ised one-to-one tuition. Call 0161 627 1966 to speak to Gra­ham or Kathy.

The Grange, Ellesmere

Offer let­ter­press courses, and a Book Arts day — open to all.  Call 01691 623495

The Print Pro­ject, Shipley

We offer per­son­al­ized one-to-one and group let­ter­press courses at our well equipped work­shop in Ship­ley, West York­shire. You will have access to a wide range of wood & metal type and a vari­ety of print­ing presses (Far­ley, Kor­rex, Vander­cook, Model, Adana) to enable you to com­plete your projects.

Please get in touch to dis­cuss your require­ments.

West York­shire Print Work­shop, Mirfield

Learn to print let­ter­press! This course will show you the basics of set­ting and print­ing wood and lead type, to cre­ate posters, books and sta­tion­ery.  After the course you then have the option of becom­ing a mem­ber of WYPW and con­tinu­ing to use our let­ter­press facil­it­ies on an open-access basis, with tech­nical sup­port on-hand if you need it.

West York­shire Print Work­shop, 75A Hud­der­sfield Road, Mir­field, WF14 8AT.
01924 497646

In the South of Britain

Bal­scote Press, Ban­bury, Oxfordshire

Brian Clarke runs Fine art and Let­ter­press courses for a max­imum of 3 people usu­ally over two days on the week­end, and also week­end courses.  He offers courses in let­ter­press, both tra­di­tional type set­ting and print­ing from zinc blocks with an intro­duc­tion to mak­ing your own pho­to­poly­mer blocks for print­ing.  He uses his small Albion and Arab Platen press to print.

Course details are the Balscote Press website.

Brignell Book­bind­ers, Cambridge

Barry Brignell runs book­bind­ing tuition in Cam­bridge, visit their web­site for more inform­a­tion.

Centre for Fine Print Research, Uni­ver­sity of the West of Eng­land, Bristol

The CFPR offer a num­ber of courses in Bristol.

G511ERY, London

Nigh Noon! Letterpress printing workshops £50.00 one-day session using a great collection of wood type with a small proofing press to print onto paper and also cotton canvas bags! Over tea & coffee, we talk and plan the text – then print at noon! 511 Seven Sisters Road, London N15 6EP

Visit the G511ERY website for more details.

Har­ring­ton & Squires, London

Vicky and Chris­sie are run­ning one-day work­shops with the Adana 8 x 5 at their 288 pica wide work­shop near Tufnell Park, Lon­don.  Visit Har­ring­ton & Squires for more information.

Ink­Spot­Press, Brighton

Visit InkSpotPress.co.uk or call 01273 643069 for inform­a­tion on the upcom­ing let­ter­press courses.

Lon­don Centre for Book Arts

Lon­don Centre for Book Arts (LCBA) is the UK’s only open-access book arts resource and edu­ca­tional centre, loc­ated in Fish Island, near Hack­ney Wick in east London.

All cur­rent work­shops are lis­ted at: londonbookarts.eventbrite.co.uk

On a per­sonal note I have noth­ing but admir­a­tion for Simon’s efforts on this ini­ti­at­ive and hope to offer a bet­ter write-up of their offer­ing soon.

lon­don­print­stu­dio, London

Details on their courses here: http://www.londonprintstudio.org.uk/

New North Press, London

For details about Gra­ham Bignell & New North Press visit www.new-north-press.co.uk. Or email graham.bignell@talk21.com for bookings.

The Paper Trail, Hemel Hempstead

Let­ter­press print­ing at this won­der­ful paper mill with Paul Wool­ley and a jour­ney­man com­pos­itor.  More details on the Paper Trail website.

Pixel Press, Stoke New­ing­ton, London

Small yet well equipped let­ter­press stu­dio in North Lon­don. We run work­shops shar­ing our expert­ise and love for print­mak­ing with any­one will­ing to try it at afford­able rates. We like to think about our stu­dio as a space to think, a space for poetry and words.

Unit 24, Shelford Place, Stoke New­ing­ton, Lon­don N16 9HS   Tel: 0794373 5179

Fur­ther inform­a­tion on the courses can be found here: http://pixelprss.wordpress.com/workshops/

Richard Lawrence, Oxford

I offer one-to-one tuition at my work­shop on vari­ous machines: Heidel­berg platen, Albion hand­press, Vander­cook repro proof press, small table-top platens, etc. I also can take machinery and type to groups on my pink milk­float (Google ‘pink milk­float’) for team-building events, demon­stra­tions and fun.

I also occa­sion­ally move presses and equip­ment for people.

Please con­tact Richard Lawrence to dis­cuss your interests. Address: 50 Hurst Street, Oxford OX4 1HD. Tele­phone: 0781 209 4781 Web: www.richardlawrenceprinter.co.uk. Email: ZRLawrence@aol.com

St. Martin’s, London

Helen Ing­ham is run­ning short let­ter­press courses

St. Boltoph’s: Print Room at the Wait­ing Room, Colchester

Com­munity pro­ject based around the Acme-equipped let­ter­press work­shop in Col­chester.  http://st-botolphs.org/printroom/about/letterpress/

St. Bride, London

St Bride has launched a new work­shop with a range of short courses that teach basic skills and give famili­ar­ity with some of the ter­min­o­logy, equip­ment and activ­it­ies essen­tial to let­ter­press work.

Full details of the work­shop are at http://www.sbf.org.uk/

Turn­bullGrey, London

Short let­ter­press courses in the centre of Lon­don, more details at http://www.turnbullgrey.co.uk/  Courses start at £60 per per­son for three hours


Eden Work­shops

Richard Norman’s Eden Work­shops cover book­bind­ing and printing.

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