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May 2019


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I’m cur­rent­ly try­ing to build up a col­lec­tion of type which I would be using main­ly for poster work and larg­er scale print. If any­one can help, I am inter­est­ed in both met­al and wood­en types 48pt and above, full alpha­bets not essen­tial. I am also inter­est­ed in spac­ing in larg­er sizes.

Many thanks in advance. Lizzi

Con­tact: Lizzi, Chor­ley, Lan­cashire

For Sale or Disposal

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For Sale. Steel cab­i­net approx dimen­sions 93 cms (3′ 1/2″) high x 68.5 cms (2′ 3″) deep x 30.5 cms (12″) wide. fit­ted with ‘slides’ each side to accom­mo­date approx 20 gal­leys in sin­gle stack. Price of cab­i­net Approx £40.00. A range of oth­er items from closed com­pos­ing room will become avail­able in future.

Con­tact: David Darvill, Bath, Som­er­set
077706 12045. 15 Entry Hill Park, Bath BA2 5ND

April 2019

For Sale or Disposal

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We have a Gold­ing Job­ber No 8 (12″ x 18″) avail­able. It is in good con­di­tion. It has not been in use for a while but was very well looked after in its pro­duc­tive life. It has rollers, ink disk (which is rust­ed). Ink duct, chas­es. A beau­ti­ful machine for a small refur­bish­ment project.

Con­tact: Sarah Wood Lane, Here­ford UK
01981 241361 or

For Sale or Disposal

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I’m sell­ing a Cooks Vic­tor, a top of the line table top press. Victor’s are known for its excep­tion­al strength and impres­sions it a big cut above the reg­u­lar C&P pilot press. It’s also one hand­some piece of print kit. I shipped this press in when I moved from the USA. Its rare in the USA and extreme­ly rare in the UK. Its a fan­tas­tic work­horse of a table top press that launched my busi­ness with ease and joy. It’s ful­ly refur­bished and good to go. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any Q’s and for images. Click here to red more about the Cooks Vic­tor press­es.

Con­tact: Caz McIn­tee, Dundee, Scot­land

March 2019


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In the vain hope that some­one can lend or sell a quan­ti­ty of S&B 18pt Caslon Old Face long s’s I have a project that requires some assis­tance. many thanks

Con­tact: Gra­ham Bignell, New North Press, Lon­don N1 6HD

For Sale or Disposal

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Gara­mond 156
An almost com­plete run from 8 to 72 point in 11 sizes. Total weight is, at a best guess, in the region of 400 kilos. Zone the whole, type has seen light or no use and so is gen­er­al­ly in great nick. I con­sid­ered sell­ing a few years back but decid­ed against and have rarely used since, I could do with some case space and so am look­ing for a buy­er open to sen­si­ble offers in the region of 3k.

Sor­ry, not inter­est­ed in split­ting up the run.

Roman — 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72. 10pt = 4 cas­es, 12pt = 5 cas­es, 18pt = 4 cas­es. Small caps, 8, 10, 12. st and ct lig­a­tures
Ital­ic — 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72. 14pt = 2 box­es of unused swash with ter­mi­nal and long s sorts. Some swash in 8, 10, 12, 18 and 36.
Bold — 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72. Might be a box of 10pt some­where.

48, 60 and 72 have recent­ly been strength­ened up with new sorts and an extra half fount added to the 72 bold.

Most cas­es are full and oth­ers take some lift­ing! The excep­tions are 24 and 36 ital­ic which are full founts but only, I think, quar­ter strength?

NB: cas­es not includ­ed — 18pt up can be lift­ed from case and fount­ed up for mov­ing, I’ve a few odd cas­es but would need anoth­er dozen or to move over small­er sizes. Sor­ry, I real­ly need the cas­es.

For more info or pho­tos, please drop me a line.

Con­tact: Chris Wakel­ing, Durham


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I am look­ing for a chase, 32cm w X 21cm H // 1cm angles at base and top that rest in the foot beds and lock­up.

Con­tact: Aman­da, Paris

Feb­ru­ary 2019

For Sale or Disposal

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Hei­del­berg Cylin­der KSBA – sheet size 23” x 18” ful­ly recon­di­tioned and recent­ly ser­viced and still in use for let­ter­press. Has been looked after and excep­tion­al­ly main­tained. A fine exam­ple. Locat­ed in York­shire. Price is £5000 (vat is payable on this) – please get in touch if you would like images or fur­ther infor­ma­tion.

Con­tact: Urban­fox Let­ter­press, York­shire
T: 07950 953 543 E: W:

For Sale or Disposal

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Lino­type Mats and Mags:

Text mats from 6pt to 14pt Dis­play mats from 18pt to 36pt Text main­ly Univers and Times

Mag­a­zines: Brass main and split Moulds: Text sol­id and recess; sin­gle and dou­ble let­ter dis­play

Lin­ers, space­bands and lino spares of all sorts plus some mat cab­i­nets. Cef­mor-Brehmer pow­er mitre machine (sin­gle phase).

List on appli­ca­tion.

Con­tact: The Grosvenor Press, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. PO36 7AS or phone01983 867030

For Sale or Disposal

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Gold­ing Improved Pearl Num­ber 11 let­ter­press, in good con­di­tion but not used for a cou­ple of years.

Comes with 9 trays of dif­fer­ent type/sized fonts, plus oth­er type and extras includ­ing ink.

Col­lec­tion only as it is an extreme­ly heavy item

Any rea­son­able offers con­sid­ered.

Con­tact: Nigel Lee, Mod­bury, Devon
Email me at:

For Sale or Dis­pos­al

Item Details
For sale: Van­der­cook 4C
Man­u­fac­tured under licence by West­ern in Read­ing, UK, c.1959

Van­der­cook cylin­der proof press in great con­di­tion. New­ly refur­bished, and new rollers, etc. Sin­gle phase, 220v.
Press has been restored by press engi­neer Basil Head (see below for work car­ried out).
Pre­vi­ous own­ers were Simon Lewin of St Jude’s, and pri­or to that, Sebas­t­ian Carter of the Ram­pant Lions Press.

Press is locat­ed in Lon­don E3.
Price: £8,250 exc VAT.
Deliv­ery and instal­la­tion can be arranged at addi­tion­al cost.

Refur­bish­ment includ­ed:
– Press com­plete­ly stripped
– All mov­ing parts cleaned
– Bed cleaned
– Racks cleaned and reset
– Ink drum removed, cleaned, checked and reset in bed
– Ink drum motor removed for elec­tri­cal check and repair
– Bear­ings and seals renewed
– New safe­ty switch fit­ted and rewired
– Car­riage stripped down
– Main cylin­der bear­ings replaced
– Car­riage rebuilt and bear­ings reset
– Grip­per bar stripped down, cleaned and rebuilt
– Ink­ing sys­tem – top frame cleaned and rebuilt.
– Low­er frame – ink rollers recov­ered in Nitrile
– Ink roller bear­ings replaced Nylin­er inserts
– Gear clutch mech­a­nism cleaned and reset
– Inkers set type high
– Inked and m/c print test­ed
– M/c fit­ted with lock-up bar

See pho­tos: of press after refurb, and as it cur­rent­ly stands in situ at the stu­dio.

Con­tact: Simon Goode, Lon­don UK Mobile: 07734652438