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WARNING: I’m sorry to say I’ve had reports of some posters being approached by scammers: these have been typically not in the UK or asking for items to be couriered.  In one case a person was offered too much for their press and asked for the difference to be paid back to the buyer.   This scam ad from Gumtree includes details of some common scams in the description.

March 2019


Item Details
In the vain hope that someone can lend or sell a quantity of S&B 18pt Caslon Old Face long s’s I have a project that requires some assistance. many thanks

Contact: Graham Bignell, New North Press, London N1 6HD

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Garamond 156
An almost complete run from 8 to 72 point in 11 sizes. Total weight is, at a best guess, in the region of 400 kilos. Zone the whole, type has seen light or no use and so is generally in great nick. I considered selling a few years back but decided against and have rarely used since, I could do with some case space and so am looking for a buyer open to sensible offers in the region of 3k.

Sorry, not interested in splitting up the run.

Roman — 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72. 10pt = 4 cases, 12pt = 5 cases, 18pt = 4 cases. Small caps, 8, 10, 12. st and ct ligatures
Italic — 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72. 14pt = 2 boxes of unused swash with terminal and long s sorts. Some swash in 8, 10, 12, 18 and 36.
Bold — 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72. Might be a box of 10pt somewhere.

48, 60 and 72 have recently been strengthened up with new sorts and an extra half fount added to the 72 bold.

Most cases are full and others take some lifting! The exceptions are 24 and 36 italic which are full founts but only, I think, quarter strength?

NB: cases not included — 18pt up can be lifted from case and founted up for moving, I’ve a few odd cases but would need another dozen or to move over smaller sizes. Sorry, I really need the cases.

For more info or photos, please drop me a line.

Contact: Chris Wakeling, Durham


Item Details
I am looking for a chase, 32cm w X 21cm H // 1cm angles at base and top that rest in the foot beds and lockup.

Contact: Amanda, Paris

February 2019

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Heidelberg Cylinder KSBA – sheet size 23” x 18” fully reconditioned and recently serviced and still in use for letterpress. Has been looked after and exceptionally maintained. A fine example. Located in Yorkshire. Price is £5000 (vat is payable on this) – please get in touch if you would like images or further information.

Contact: Urbanfox Letterpress, Yorkshire
T: 07950 953 543 E: hello@urbanfoxdesign.co.uk W: www.urbanfoxletterpress.co.uk

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details

Linotype Mats and Mags:

Text mats from 6pt to 14pt Display mats from 18pt to 36pt Text mainly Univers and Times

Magazines: Brass main and split Moulds: Text solid and recess; single and double letter display

Liners, spacebands and lino spares of all sorts plus some mat cabinets. Cefmor-Brehmer power mitre machine (single phase).

List on application.

Contact: The Grosvenor Press, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. PO36 7AS
dickawalters@gmail.com or phone 01983 867030

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details

Golding Improved Pearl Number 11 letterpress, in good condition but not used for a couple of years.

Comes with 9 trays of different type/sized fonts, plus other type and extras including ink.

Collection only as it is an extremely heavy item

Any reasonable offers considered.

Contact: Nigel Lee, Modbury, Devon
Email me at:

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
For sale: Vandercook 4C
Manufactured under licence by Western in Reading, UK, c.1959

Vandercook cylinder proof press in great condition. Newly refurbished, and new rollers, etc. Single phase, 220v.
Press has been restored by press engineer Basil Head (see below for work carried out).
Previous owners were Simon Lewin of St Jude’s, and prior to that, Sebastian Carter of the Rampant Lions Press.

Press is located in London E3.
Price: £8,250 exc VAT.
Delivery and installation can be arranged at additional cost.

Refurbishment included:
– Press completely stripped
– All moving parts cleaned
– Bed cleaned
– Racks cleaned and reset
– Ink drum removed, cleaned, checked and reset in bed
– Ink drum motor removed for electrical check and repair
– Bearings and seals renewed
– New safety switch fitted and rewired
– Carriage stripped down
– Main cylinder bearings replaced
– Carriage rebuilt and bearings reset
– Gripper bar stripped down, cleaned and rebuilt
– Inking system – top frame cleaned and rebuilt.
– Lower frame – ink rollers recovered in Nitrile
– Ink roller bearings replaced Nyliner inserts
– Gear clutch mechanism cleaned and reset
– Inkers set type high
– Inked and m/c print tested
– M/c fitted with lock-up bar

See photos: of press after refurb, and as it currently stands in situ at the studio.

Contact: Simon Goode, London UK
simon@londonbookarts.org Mobile: 07734652438

January 2019

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details

Table top Press with mega large print area

Triumpf table top letterpress press

image area approx 25 inches wide x 50 inches deep

63.5cm x 1M 27cm.

Fine micrometer adjustable impression

Trip and print lever to raise or drop the impression roller. Delivery and installation included in price in England / Wales and shipping included in price to nearest port, overseas, it may cost a little extra to get from the port to your workshop.

£5000 + VAT

Contact: Rod Shaw, Stroud, Glos.
01453 766716, email: info@beyondletterpress.com www.beyondletterpress.com

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Vandercook No. 4 proofing press.
Beautiful refurbished condition. Single Phase. New roller covers.
We will deliver and install (included in price) in England and Wales, or ship abroad to nearest port. Call for pics and more info.
£8,750 + VAT
01453 766716

Contact: Rod Shaw, Stroud, Glos.
01453 766716 info@beyondletterpress.com

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
2 Adana presses.
Sale or repair as both require new rollers.
Lots of type available.
Over 25 typefaces in total
Collection only
Can supply pictures on request.

Contact: Harvey, Bideford
roomy101@gmail. com

November 2018



Item Details
Hello to the British Letterpress Community,
A brief summary and request for help/advice.
So we have only one artistic person in the family, our daughter, who we believe is looking to widen her design skill set. Yes, she is progressing in her role of graphic designer and she loves her calligraphy hobby, however she is investigating the benefits of letterpress (yes she covered this at MMU).
We have been tasked of trying to locate the best avenue’s to locate a letterpress machine and accessories (e-bay bundle we believe is the terminology)
After ‘trawling’ the web it was great to find British Letterpress.
So if you have any advice or equipment please get in touch.
Many thanks

Contact: Graeme Patterson, Macclesfield Cheshire

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
My Dad had loads of Adana typeface. I still have quite a bit of it and don’t really want to scrap it. It was in trays but they have been tipped up in transporting and although I have tried to sort them this is very time consuming and my eyesight isn’t great! Some is very small and some quite large (up to 7.5mm high). It appears to be generally quite plain type faces. Most is unused. If anyone is interested please contact me. I need to get rid of it as I don’t have the room to store it and I will never use it.

Contact: Stephen Beard, Desford, Leicestershire

October 2018

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
For Sale: Korrex Nurnberg 1974 proofing press. Bed size 38cm x 50cm. This is a beautiful press in tip top original condition, one of the last made. The Korrex Nurnberg is part of a range of presses equally good and similar in size and style as the Vandercook No. 4 and the FAG SP40. Ink distribution by electric motor, impression by hand, this is a flatbed press with impression drum which gives superb prints from perfect inking. You are welcome to come and try it out and see for yourself or call and discuss your needs. Price will include free shipping overseas. Free deliver and installation in England, Wales and Scotland. We are fully insured until it is in your workshop. We give instruction and tuition. See pics on Instagram.com/beyondletterpress. POA. Email: info@beyondletterpress.com If this is not the press you are looking for, call us because we probably have it. 01453 766716 or 07719 210612 www.beyondletterpress.com we love talking presses!

Contact: Rod Shaw, Stroud, Gloucestershire
01453 766716 www.beyondletterpress.com

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Grafix Proofing Press
40cm x 50cm print bed Grafix Proofing press in very good order and lovely condition. It has little use. It’s nearest relative would be a Vandercook but we think it is a better press, developed in conjunction with FAG. The press is suitable for Continental type height and therefore can be used for both European and British/American type heights. We can deliver and install in your premises f.o.c. in UK and give tuition. Will ship abroad included in the price, and we are always fully insured wherever the press is taken. It does not take up a lot of room and is ideal for prestigeous printing and posters. This press will produce superb letterpress printing.
We offer help and advice and tuition. For pictures and more info.
£7,500 + VAT
Contact: 01453 766716 or email: info@qwertyop.co.uk

Contact: Rod Shaw, Gloucestershire
01453 766716 email:info@qwertyop.co.uk

September 2018


Item Details
Hi there I’m looking for a table top press if you have one please get in touch as I’d love to potentially take it off your hands!

Thank you.

Contact: Looking for Table top press, Cardiff UK

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
I bought this a couple of years ago and never used it.

I think it’s an Adana 6×4 printing press and it comes with a while ton of goodies including a small 5 tier drawer with 5 fonts: 12pt Times New Roman, 24pt Klang, some kind of large curly script, a gothic looking script, Rockwell Shadow 18pt and universe italic 15pt. I do not know if these are complete but again happy to accept viewings or send photos of each tray.

Recommend viewing (contact me to arrange) because I don’t really know what I’m looking at or how complete it all is, but it’s a pretty substantial amount of stuff. I know that the disc on top does not rotate as it should but other than this it seems to be fully workable with a bit of a clean and maintenance.

Collection only as it’s all really heavy. Please bid and communicate via ebay link. Thank you

Contact: Bear, Exeter

Item Details
Of interest to letterpress printers. I am selling my Cropperette No. 1 model, c1900, which was partially restored some ten years ago. Complete with ink fountain and numbering box.Sweet, smooth treadle action, with little sound. Rollers in excellent condition, with one completely recovered on a new stock. It has not been used for about 12 months, but has been kept clean and oiled. Unfortunately there is nochase with press. I have mislaid it, or it was taken inadvertently when I sold my Cropper Charlton Minerva a few months ago, (I was in hospital at the time and well meaning friends supervised the removal.) It will take an 8×5 Adana chase if quoins are used. I have tried to get a chase for this press, but I’ve been diverted by a slow recovery from illness and haven’t tried particularly hard. I am told, but cannot verify, that a Pearl chase will fit. Reluctantly the Cropperette has to go to provide space for larger press. Probably 2-3cwt, old money. I’ve managed to get it to sit on a palette.Collection by buyer only. Pictures available from centurion3@phonecoop.coop£700

Contact: John Tittley, Hereford


Item Details
I’m looking for scrap mono- and lino-type, any condition, even mixed. It is for recasting small items. Prefer larger quantities. Last lot lasted me 2 years.

Contact: Steve Lee, Liverpool, Merseyside
steveauction@aol.com or 07806787322