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WARN­ING: I’m sorry to say I’ve had reports of some posters being approached by scam­mers: these have been typ­ic­ally not in the UK or ask­ing for items to be cour­iered.  In one case a per­son was offered too much for their press and asked for the dif­fer­ence to be paid back to the buy­er.   This scam ad from Gumtree includes details of some com­mon scams in the descrip­tion.

June 2017


Item Details
Wanted 8x5” let­ter­press Treadle.

Con­tact: Naz Whick­er, Black­burn, Lan­cashire.
roversblackburn@hotmail.com 07935631980

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Old let­ter­press type.various type faces,sizes univers ‚times etc from weekly paper in south Ire­land

Con­tact: Kieran.munster@gmail.com, Water­ford Ire­land


Item Details

I’m restor­ing a Frank­lin Guil­lot­ine. I’m look­ing for some parts to replace and make it func­tion cor­rectly again. Can some­body help me to find spare parts.


Con­tact: Charles Eschauzi­er, Welling­bor­ough


Item Details
Hello every­one, I am Chen from Singa­pore. I am look­ing to start a let­ter­press stu­dio (an expan­sion from my linocut works) and cur­rently look­ing for a table top press. Please drop me a mes­sage if you can ship to Singa­pore. Thank you so much!

Con­tact: Chen Zhi Liang, Singa­pore



Item Details
Adana Machines
We are always look­ing for Adana Let­ter­press machines for our fact­ory refur­bish­ment pro­gram. We strip, repaint and rebuild machines to their ori­gin­al state so that the next gen­er­a­tion of Let­ter­press print­ers can source genu­ine Adana machines rebuilt by the Adana com­pany.
We col­lect and will also clear unwanted let­ter­press sup­plies. Part exchanges wel­come against refur­bished machines or our New Adana 85C machine which cap­able of print­ing debossed work as per the latest trend.

Con­tact: Richard Caslon, St Albans
richard@caslon.co.uk or 01727–852211

May 2017

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Lino­type mod­el 78, full work­ing order,single phase, auto quad­der, three main mags, one split mag plus loads of spares inc. pot, elevators,keyboards, ele­ments etc. Moulds on machine,two uni­ver­sal sol­id, one double-let­ter dis­play 18–24pt, one single let­ter dis­play 24pt (will cast 36pt with over­hang). Will go out in one piece (giv­en enough people push­ing).

Machine and spares free to good home.

Also avail­able: eight split mags, 16 main mags (some brass, some light­weight etc.) Loads of mats includ­ing times, univers etc. Three Lud­low cab­in­ets of linecast­ing mats from 6pt to 36 pt. About 30 bor­der slides 6pt. to 12pt. plus six blocks.

Mats / Mags priced at scrap price plus 25%.  Cab­in­ets nego­ti­able.

Con­tact: Richard Wal­ters, Shank­lin, Isle of Wight
shanklinprint@gmail.com or dickawalters@gmail.com


Item Details

Look­ing for let­ter­press gear in gen­er­al — espe­cially if you’re hav­ing a clearout I would appre­ci­ate inter­est­ing type founts, espe­cially from Steph­en­son Blake, but also cab­in­ets, lead­ing, etc

Espe­cially of interest are dec­or­at­ive lines & bor­der kits.

I don’t need a press 🙂


Con­tact: Andy, Hud­der­sfield, West York­shire


Item Details
Arab Crown Folio Roller Brasses wanted.
Miss­ing both of the roller arms (called brasses, some­times col­oured in Red). They were miss­ing when I pur­chased my press and I have been unable to track any down.

A pic­ture of the miss­ing part can be seen at The Logan Press web­site: http://www.bookprinters.co.uk/arabcf5748/image-html/arab5427.html — I have the rod and spring sec­tion, just miss­ing the brass arm, and roller hold­er.

Con­tact: Richard Small, King­ston-upon-Thames


Item Details
Com­pany or indi­vidu­al able to service/repair an old Steph­en­son Blake proof­ing press. This has been well used in a prin­room at a fur­ther edu­ca­tion col­lege and needs a little TLC to con­tin­ue serving art and design stu­dents: the stop­pers that keep the roller on the ends of the bed have per­ished mak­ing it unsafe and the roller itself could do with being resur­faced as it is car­ry­ing some dents and grooves.

Any­one who thinks they can be of ser­vice or with recom­mend­a­tions should get in touch and I can send pho­tos and any fur­ther inform­a­tion required. Approx­im­ate quotes are use­ful too.
Many thanks.

Con­tact: Ral­ph Over­ill, RM11 2LL, Horn­church, Essex


Item Details
I recently acquired an Excel­si­or Press sup­plied by the Excel­si­or Print­ers Sup­ply Co, Far­ring­don Street Lon­don . The last part I need to get it
up and run­ning is a chase, any leads would be fant­ast­ic !! I don’t have any ori­gin­al meas­ure­ments so I can only estim­ate from the chase base I have. I would make the extern­al width about 238mm extern­al height (roughly — 170mm) and then the notch in the centre at the top of the chase should fall about 103mm from the extern­al edge.

Con­tact: 8x5 (ish) chase for an ‘Excel­si­or’ table top platen , Leicester­shire

April 2017


Item Details
Wanted: Adana 8 x 5. In work­ing order, or in need of refur­bish­ment. Will pay for cour­i­er.

Con­tact: Kirstin Spald­ing, KY12, Fife


Item Details
Wanted: Print­ing press for Let­ter­press and Lino, prefer­ably with a treadle or wheel , 8″ x 11″ ideally but any­thing con­sidered, must be in good work­ing order. You can ring me on 07886 190586 instead or 01749812075

Con­tact: Han­nah Sida, Bruton, Somer­set

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Adana Quarto Hori­zont­al Platen Print­ing Machine (flat­bed).
Some of the paint has ten­ded to flake, but the machine is in work­ing order.
Plus all neces­sary accessor­ies: rollers, lead and rule cut­ter, leads, quoins, ink, planer, mal­lets, com­pos­ing stick and set­ting rules, etc, etc. None used for some years, but all in reas­on­able con­di­tion. Plus type: mainly Bembo, some Cas­tel­lar, small quant­ity Gill Sans, and a little Vic­tori­an brass type. Some blocks and orna­ments, com­bin­a­tion dashes, etc. Press: £500. Accessor­ies: £250 with the press, or £300 if sold sep­ar­ately. Buy­er col­lects. UK only. Please email  for a com­plete list and pho­to­graphs.

Also, sev­er­al books, journ­als and book­lets for sep­ar­ate sale.

Con­tact: Ian John­son, Loughton, Essex


Item Details
replace­ment rail for table mod­el Albion

Con­tact: god­frey rubens, lon­don nw5 2su

March 2017


Item Details
I sold off everything two years ago, but now retired have got the bug again and am look­ing for adana or sim­il­ar and type, any­thing con­sidered

Con­tact: Tony Jew­ell, SE Eng­land

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Kor­rex Nurn­berg flat bed proof­ing press
1972 Kor­rex Nurn­berg proof­ing press by Max Sim­mel. Beau­ti­ful con­di­tion. Print bed size 38cm wide x 50cm long. New per­spex machine guard cov­ers will be sup­plied. Will per­son­ally deliv­er and install in UK free of charge and ship to nearest port world­wide free of charge. £6750 no VAT view on www.beyondletterpress.weebly.com

Con­tact: Rod Shaw, Stroud, UK
01453 766716 info@nonpareilpress.co.uk www.beyondletterpress.weebly.com

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Grapix flat bed proof press, rise and fall bed

Graph­ix rise and fall bed proof press. Bed size 38cm wide x 50cm long. In very good con­di­tion. Deliv­ery and install­a­tion in UK f.o.c. Ship­ping world­wide to nearest port f.o.c. £7,500 no VAT view on www.beyondletterpress.weebly.com

Con­tact: Rod Shaw, Stroud, UK
Rod Shaw, Email: info@nonpareilpress.co.uk, http://beyondletterpress.weebly.com/



Item Details
Hi all,

Fol­low­ing my attend­ance on a recent print­ing work­shop I have been bit­ten by the bug and am very inter­ested in pick­ing this up on my own as a hobby. With this in mind I am look­ing for a flat­bed let­ter­press, prefer­ably tab­letop due to space avail­able to me.

If any­one becomes aware of one avail­able to pur­chase, if you could let me know it would be very much appre­ci­ated.

Thanks and Kind Regards


Con­tact: Richard Clark, Wake­field


Item Details
I’m look­ing for large quant­it­ies of print­ers advert­ising blocks and / or book­bind­ers rolls please. Happy to travel or arrange col­lec­tion. Pho­tos, quant­it­ies and prices will be very help­ful.
Thank you for look­ing.

Con­tact: Chris Walk­er, Derby, Derby­shire

February 2017

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
2 Adana presses for sale.
Over 27 type faces avail­able.
Con­tact me for prices.
Har­vey Room at roomy101@orange.net.
or http://www.harveyroom.yolasite.com
Col­lec­tion only.

Con­tact: Har­vey Room, Bide­ford. North Devon.


Item Details
I’m print­ing a diary and require as set of phases of the moon sym­bols — ideally 10pt or 12pt — has any­one any to sell, please? Thanks, Gor­don

Con­tact: Gor­don Chester­man, Ely, Cam­bridge­shire
chester­men at icloud dot com

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
For sale

Typo­fix Type Caster

A compositor’s quandary when hand­set­ting in “hot met­al” days
25 “A“s required and only 24 in the typecase
What he/she needed was a machine that rep­lic­ated type from the ori­gin­al hence the “TYPO­FIX TYPE CASTER
I have for sale a Typo­fix Type Caster for £300 ex works ( Buy­er to col­lect from cent­ral Edin­burgh)
For details please email Jim Crichton at jimc.wirestitchers@gmail.com or phone (44)0131 5566299

Con­tact: Jim Crichton, Edinburgh,Midlothian
jimc.wirestitchers@gmail.com or phone (44)0131556699

January 2017


Item Details
Wanted, a small work­ing Adana Let­ter­press 3 x 5 for keen new print­er. I need a machine, chase and rollers. If not loc­al, I could arrange a cour­i­er. Please con­tact me if you have a machine and would like it to go to a genu­ine home. Thanks.

Con­tact: Kar­en, Col­chester, Essex

December 2016

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
For sale or dis­pos­al:
Runs well:
Works off single phase:
Used for cut­ting & creas­ing:
Print­ing rollers are avail­able (only used once by me):
Col­lec­tion only (Stack­er­truck at this end):

Con­tact: Thompson Brit­ish Auto Platen, OL16 5QY Roch­dale

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
I have a com­pos­iters stone 35″ x 37″ x 35″ x 1″, Sit­ting on a cab­in­et with 4 rows of gal­leys.

Pho­tos on request.

Con­tact: Alex Green, Essex

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
I have a large vacu­um pump UV expos­ure unit for sale.
Its in good con­di­tion with 66cm x 57 cm expos­ure area.

I also have a 3phase Heidel­berg Platen Press spare motor for £70

Pho­tos on request.

Con­tact: Nick Turpin, Beck­en­ham nr Brom­ley, Kent.


Item Details
Look­ing for an Arab 13x9 or Vico­bold 11x14 treadle.

Con­sid­er­ing treadle oper­ated and motor­ised.

Would be open to look at oth­er Platen’s around this size too.

Thank you

Con­tact: Grant Laidler, Lon­don
info@avenuelitho.com / 02072 789149