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WARNING: I’m sorry to say I’ve had reports of some posters being approached by scammers: these have been typically not in the UK or asking for items to be couriered.  In one case a person was offered too much for their press and asked for the difference to be paid back to the buyer.   This scam ad from Gumtree includes details of some common scams in the description.

January 2018

For Sale or Disposal

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Furnival & Co, of Reddish & London, Express Guillotine (c1900?) for sale. 26inch (66cm) cutting width, overall blade length 36 inches (91.5cm), hand operated by handle. Two blades. Overall size approx 150 x 190cm, photos and plan available. Regularly used by same owner for over 25 years. Retirement sale, £500.00.

Contact: David Guest, Totnes, Devon

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Hi i am looking for letterpress dies in 12pt new, looking for approx 5 sets ( of 120 pieces) in English, font spartan or similar they are for hot foil printing.

Contact: Mark at Rosette components supplies, Rugeley

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At present a very small print studio based in central Somerset is on the look out for large (double height) type cabinets – as room is an issue we have the need for vertical stacking. Work on the new print space (Studio B) is progressing but awaiting the dry season (if we every have one here in the UK) before we start to pour concrete and lay bricks etc. Once complete the studio will offer print classes and open access, coupled with print as part of an occupational therapy program – Drop me a line if you have anything or any equipment leads – Many thanks

Contact: Carl Middleton, Milverton

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We are desperately in need of 6x 9″ x 13″ Galley Trays for our printmaking dept. If you have any or know of any that are available for a reasonable price please be in touch.

Contact: Andrew, Winchester, Hampshire

December 2017


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Heidelberg Platen 10 x 15 original foiling attachment.
I am missing my special chase, heated mount, heaters and thermostat.
Is there anyone in UK or europe that I can vuew their kit to be able to make similar items.
If anyone has any of the item to sell please contact me.



Contact: Heidelberg Platen T foiling Unit, Northampton
Phil Eldridge 07973 217504

Item Details
A truly beautiful Arab letterpress, treadle type, looking for a new owner. Also a full original cabinet of type – also in great condition. The machine moves well and photos are available. Buyer collects – swiftly if possible. Reasonable offers considered –

Contact: Judith, St Ives Cornwall

November 2017


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We are small independent design and letterpress studio (Pressink) based in Bratislava Slovakia. We are currently looking for proof press – ideally Korrex, Vandercook or FAG Standard. We are open to any offers anywhere in the UK or elsewhere.

We are very keen to find one – so if you know about anything please let us know.

Best, Kristina

Contact: Kristina Uhrakova, Slovakia

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Adana Shop,
Fully Renovated Adana 8×5 printers by the experts with a choice of colour

£695.00 inc. a starter kit

Contact: Stuart Foster, Bridgewater, Somerset

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details

I am advertising a Peerless No. 1 printing press, Cropper, Charlton & Co Ltd, for sale.

After purchasing a house, a friend of mine, found this printing press in the garage. Unfortunately he doesn`t know if the machine is in full working order, but I do have pictures I can send of it.

The press seems to have been lying in the garage for a few years and needs a good clean. There are a few wooden trays of type.

Contact: Hazel Ross, Glasgow


September 2017


Item Details
I am looking for a furniture rack with furniture for my letterpress studio.

Contact: Lulu Macvee, Eyemouth, Scotland

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Vandercook 4 flatbed proofing press.

Originally obtained as a project of restoration as I miss working with print machinery.

The machine is in working order apart from the parts taken off for restoration work, these are all present and correct with the machine.
I rescued the press from a customer of mine that used it to proof his images after acid etching.
I have a few of the original manuals to accompany the machine.
Reason for sale is a new addition to the family (no.3) does not leave me a great deal of time to complete what I originally had in mind.

I would like to see the machine go to a good home and be given a second life that it deserves.


Contact: Matthew Roberts, Northamptonshire

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Albion Press (early 19th Century) Cope, London 14 x 18 ¾ inches

I have not yet been able to fully establish the provenance of this very unusual press. James Mosely has commented:

“The Albion Press about which you write is indeed interesting. Its mechanism is very similar to that of the very earliest surviving presses made by Cope, and it has the three bolts for attaching the platen that relates it to what may be the earliest dated press, apparently of 1822, which is now at the Printing Museum of the Toppan Company in Tokyo.

That press was of course referred to briefly in the article by Reynolds Stone in his article on the Albion Press which was published in No. 2 of the Journal of the Printing Historical Society, which was reprinted separately by the Society not long ago.

The form of the cast staple is not known to me at all. The legs remind me of an illustration of an Albion press that I have seen and cannot quite think where. If it comes to me, I will tell you.

All in all, it does seem to me a very interesting survival and of some  historical importance. I am sure that it would be worth preserving, especially if the job of conservation were undertaken by someone skilledand scrupulous enough to record the various paint layers.”

More information – http://papermoulds.typepad.com/files/albion-details-08.08.2017—uncompressed.pdf

Contact: Simon Green, Maidstone

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
2 rule cutters and about 15 chases. Photos available. Free for collection but only if you take it all.

Contact: Simon Green, Maidstone

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
1970 Korrex Nurnberg flat bed proof press in exceptional condition. Single phase 240V ink motor. We can convert to 110V for USA. Print area 38cm x 50cm. Prints perfectly.
Delivery, installation and tuition included in UK within 250 miles of GL6. Free delivery overseas. We can also deliver to your address overseas. £6,995 Call Rod on +44 01453 766716 or email: info@nonpareilpress.co.uk

Contact: Rod Shaw, Gloucestershire
01453 766716 info@nonpareilpress.co.uk www.beyondletterpress.weebly.com


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Hello Letterpress Enthusiasts,
I was printing bits and pieces for my own satisfaction on small presses until three years ago, when illness intervened. Fortunately, I am well on the road to recovery. A few weeks ago I wandered into my garage and opened a tin of ink…anyone reading this will know what happened next. So off came the dust sheets and I began working on getting a Cropperette into action again. I would welcome any advice, photos or drawings that might exist. I am short of a chase(s), and I will need a new roller. Should anyone know where I might find such items I will be obliged. I’m also looking for 14 pt and 18pt Baskerville (M169) fonts. Not easy requests I know. But where is there a better site to ask ?


Contact: John Tittley, Hereford, Herefordshire.

July 2017


Hello everyone,

I’m looking for some sound advice, words of wisdom and a comprehensive and versatile letterpress kit to get me up and printing as soon as possible.

I’m a complete beginner with a lifetime love of words and fount design, a weekend course of experience under my belt, a couple of books that I’ve bought and my late into the night Web reading. I’ve recently been given the use of a garage, that I’m in the process of turning into a basic work space for myself and a daughter of 13. I’ve been home educating for a year now and this will be a joint adventure and journey of learning for us both. My daughter needs to rebuild her self belief and self esteem. I think the creative freedom of letterpress would be an ideal form of self expression for her. We both love the power and beauty of words, how small details can take something from ordinary to awe inspiring.

I am more concerned with the quality and the versatility of anything I buy over quantity. My starting budget is limited and this is a longterm investment. However, quirky founts, cool embellishments, and pointing fists that a teenager will come up with endless imaginative slogans for, will all add to the opportunity to make something individual and unique.

For anyone that’s managed to read this far, I thank you for your patience, appreciate the time you’ve taken and look forward to hearing back from anyone who can help.

Contact: Paula Roberts , Plymouth, Devon

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Item Details
2 presses for sale.
Both require new rollers.
Also for sale, over 27 type faces available.
Contact me for prices.
Harvey Room at roomy101@gmail.com
Collection only.

Contact: Harvey Room, Bideford, North Devon


I am looking for a Chandler & Price press either 8 x 12 or 10 x 15 (or similar) to add to my stationery business either from the UK or Ireland if possible.



Contact: Lea Relja, Cork, Ireland

June 2017


Item Details
Wanted 8×5″ letterpress Treadle.

Contact: Naz Whicker, Blackburn, Lancashire.
roversblackburn@hotmail.com 07935631980

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Old letterpress type.various type faces,sizes univers ,times etc from weekly paper in south Ireland

Contact: Kieran.munster@gmail.com, Waterford Ireland


Item Details

I’m restoring a Franklin Guillotine. I’m looking for some parts to replace and make it function correctly again. Can somebody help me to find spare parts.


Contact: Charles Eschauzier, Wellingborough


Item Details
Hello everyone, I am Chen from Singapore. I am looking to start a letterpress studio (an expansion from my linocut works) and currently looking for a table top press. Please drop me a message if you can ship to Singapore. Thank you so much!

Contact: Chen Zhi Liang, Singapore



Item Details
Adana Machines
We are always looking for Adana Letterpress machines for our factory refurbishment program. We strip, repaint and rebuild machines to their original state so that the next generation of Letterpress printers can source genuine Adana machines rebuilt by the Adana company.
We collect and will also clear unwanted letterpress supplies. Part exchanges welcome against refurbished machines or our New Adana 85C machine which capable of printing debossed work as per the latest trend.

Contact: Richard Caslon, St Albans
richard@caslon.co.uk or 01727-852211

May 2017

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Linotype model 78, full working order,single phase, auto quadder, three main mags, one split mag plus loads of spares inc. pot, elevators,keyboards, elements etc. Moulds on machine,two universal solid, one double-letter display 18-24pt, one single letter display 24pt (will cast 36pt with overhang). Will go out in one piece (given enough people pushing).

Machine and spares free to good home.

Also available: eight split mags, 16 main mags (some brass, some lightweight etc.) Loads of mats including times, univers etc. Three Ludlow cabinets of linecasting mats from 6pt to 36 pt. About 30 border slides 6pt. to 12pt. plus six blocks.

Mats / Mags priced at scrap price plus 25%.  Cabinets negotiable.

Contact: Richard Walters, Shanklin, Isle of Wight
shanklinprint@gmail.com or dickawalters@gmail.com


Item Details

Looking for letterpress gear in general – especially if you’re having a clearout I would appreciate interesting type founts, especially from Stephenson Blake, but also cabinets, leading, etc

Especially of interest are decorative lines & border kits.

I don’t need a press 🙂


Contact: Andy, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


Item Details
Arab Crown Folio Roller Brasses wanted.
Missing both of the roller arms (called brasses, sometimes coloured in Red). They were missing when I purchased my press and I have been unable to track any down.

A picture of the missing part can be seen at The Logan Press website: http://www.bookprinters.co.uk/arabcf5748/image-html/arab5427.html – I have the rod and spring section, just missing the brass arm, and roller holder.

Contact: Richard Small, Kingston-upon-Thames


Item Details
Company or individual able to service/repair an old Stephenson Blake proofing press. This has been well used in a prinroom at a further education college and needs a little TLC to continue serving art and design students: the stoppers that keep the roller on the ends of the bed have perished making it unsafe and the roller itself could do with being resurfaced as it is carrying some dents and grooves.

Anyone who thinks they can be of service or with recommendations should get in touch and I can send photos and any further information required. Approximate quotes are useful too.
Many thanks.

Contact: Ralph Overill, RM11 2LL, Hornchurch, Essex


Item Details
I recently acquired an Excelsior Press supplied by the Excelsior Printers Supply Co, Farringdon Street London . The last part I need to get it
up and running is a chase, any leads would be fantastic !! I don’t have any original measurements so I can only estimate from the chase base I have. I would make the external width about 238mm external height (roughly – 170mm) and then the notch in the centre at the top of the chase should fall about 103mm from the external edge.

Contact: 8×5 (ish) chase for an ‘Excelsior’ table top platen , Leicestershire

April 2017


Item Details
Wanted: Adana 8 x 5. In working order, or in need of refurbishment. Will pay for courier.

Contact: Kirstin Spalding, KY12, Fife


Item Details
Wanted: Printing press for Letterpress and Lino, preferably with a treadle or wheel , 8″ x 11″ ideally but anything considered, must be in good working order. You can ring me on 07886 190586 instead or 01749812075

Contact: Hannah Sida, Bruton, Somerset

For Sale or Disposal

Item Details
Adana Quarto Horizontal Platen Printing Machine (flatbed).
Some of the paint has tended to flake, but the machine is in working order.
Plus all necessary accessories: rollers, lead and rule cutter, leads, quoins, ink, planer, mallets, composing stick and setting rules, etc, etc. None used for some years, but all in reasonable condition. Plus type: mainly Bembo, some Castellar, small quantity Gill Sans, and a little Victorian brass type. Some blocks and ornaments, combination dashes, etc. Press: £500. Accessories: £250 with the press, or £300 if sold separately. Buyer collects. UK only. Please email  for a complete list and photographs.

Also, several books, journals and booklets for separate sale.

Contact: Ian Johnson, Loughton, Essex


Item Details
replacement rail for table model Albion

Contact: godfrey rubens, london nw5 2su