Some Modern Inks

ā€¦machines. An ink which has givĀ­en excelĀ­lent resĀ­ults on a comĀ­parĀ­atĀ­ively slow machine may spray badly when it is tried out on a fast-runĀ­ning one. DurĀ­ing the past year or two,ā€¦

Groups and Societies

ā€¦best online disĀ­cusĀ­sion forĀ­ums; and also the best place to buy and sell letĀ­terĀ­press equipĀ­ment outĀ­side of the UK. Online: MetĀ­al Type Dave Hughesā€™ vibrant site is a mecca forā€¦

Full Colour Letterpress Printing

While most small jobĀ­bing printĀ­ers worked in single- or two-colĀ­our work, the pubĀ­lic was keen to see full colĀ­our. And although letĀ­terĀ­press was not the only proĀ­cess that could deliverā€¦

The Bremner Machine Company

ā€¦1870 a removĀ­al was made, the present site being acquired, and the whole of the premises speĀ­cially erecĀ­ted with a view to the proĀ­ducĀ­tion of printĀ­ing machinery of the bestā€¦

Linotype and Intertype Salvage

A guide ā€” in note form ā€” to salĀ­vaĀ­ging a InterĀ­type or Linotypeā€¦


Gary Arber, Printer

ā€¦the Gentle Author to this wonĀ­derĀ­ful story, fronĀ­ted by Mr Arber, but I can as the quesĀ­tions that I susĀ­pect printĀ­ers would want me to ask, and also offer my bestā€¦

Gold Ink, Bronzing and Foil Printing

ā€¦A second workĀ­ing in the gold ink is also pracĀ­tised and gives a brightĀ­er effect, but this is likely to be marred by feathered edges around the designs. For bestā€¦

Efficiency and the Small Printer

ā€¦can elimĀ­inĀ­ate waste. PlanĀ­ning The Lean people call this Muri: the re-work and probĀ­lems that come from poor planĀ­ning in the set-up of your printĀ­ing operĀ­aĀ­tion. Our best example is theā€¦

Construction of Cylinder Machines

ā€¦upon the machine, its work being to shift by means of a fork the belt from the loose to the fast pulĀ­ley, and vice versa. In this conĀ­necĀ­tion it is well toā€¦

Finding a Press

ā€¦priĀ­orĀ­ity. So the mechĀ­anĀ­icĀ­al comĀ­plexĀ­ity of fast proĀ­ducĀ­tion machines requirĀ­ing expert mainĀ­tenĀ­ance might be best avoided. The betĀ­ter-class hand-fed platens to conĀ­sider include the Arab, treadle or power-drivĀ­en and theā€¦

Woodletter or Poster Types

ā€¦Britainā€™s largest colĀ­lecĀ­tion of woodĀ­letĀ­ter and prints serĀ­vicable posters on his Albion presses.  Also in LonĀ­don is Phil Abel at Hand & Eye curĀ­rently selling posters through his online shop.ā€¦


There are a reasĀ­onĀ­able numĀ­ber of supĀ­pliĀ­ers for your letĀ­terĀ­press needs. This limĀ­ited list is based on perĀ­sonĀ­al recomĀ­mendĀ­aĀ­tions. Please conĀ­tact me if you want to recomĀ­mend a supĀ­pliĀ­er orā€¦