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The pop­u­lar con­cep­tion is that let­ter­press print­ing is dead. While it’s true that com­mer­cial let­ter­press has shrunk, there are a myri­ad of things you can do today to either learn more about let­ter­press print­ing from the past, or equip your­self for the future.

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Letterpress Printers

The UK’s com­mer­cial and ama­teur printers


UK Let­ter­press Events

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Where to go next on your let­ter­press journey

Museums and Libraries

A map of UK let­ter­press locations

Groups and Societies

Organ­isa­tions and oth­er web­sites to help you in letterpress


Where to get hold of your let­ter­press needs

Letterpress Classifieds

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