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Be Aware!

I’m sorry to say I’ve had reports of some posters being approached by scam­mers: these have been typ­ic­ally not in the UK or ask­ing for items to be cour­iered.  In one case a per­son was offered too much for their press and asked for the dif­fer­ence to be paid back to the buy­er.   The Action Fraud Web­site has more details of frauds to look out for.

June 2021

For Sale or Disposal

Three 40-slot (2 x 20 side-by-side) met­al type cab­in­ets. Two have ran­dom tops, one does not. Free to any good home or they will be going to my loc­al scrapyard. Can deliv­er loc­ally one at a time.


Con­tact: Richard Lawrence, Oxford, 07812094781 or ZRLawrence@aol.com

May 2021

For Sale or Disposal

Vari­ety of fonts, spa­cing, fur­niture, card etc; vary­ing between good/excellent con­di­tion. Also an Adana 5×3 in fair con­di­tion, without rollers.

Con­tact: Chris Steven­son, Leighton Buz­zard, stevenson59@stevenson59.force9.co.uk

For Sale or Disposal

FAG SP40 proof­ing press recently restored. Late mod­el. Power driv­en ink­ing sys­tem.
Manu­al impres­sion.
Paper size 400 x 580mm
Form size 400 x 560mm
Press size (l/w/h) 2.1 / 0.86 / 1.1M
Press weight 450kg
We can ship world­wide and are fully insured
We deliv­er in Eng­land and Wales and parts of Scot­land and install.
£10,000 + VAT
For more info
Call 01453 766716 or email info@beyondletterpress.com
www.beyondletterpress.com to see pics

Con­tact: Rod Shaw, Stroud, 01453 766716 email: info@beyondletterpress.com

April 2021

For Sale or Disposal

Adana Eight-Five Press in work­ing order + Adana Five-Three also in work­ing order. Selec­tion of fonts + fur­niture leads, set­ting stick and books.

Con­tact: Rob.boath, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, rob.boath@sgkinc.com

July 2020

For Sale or Disposal

No1 Cropper­ette for sale. Lots of boxes of type but I don’t have a clue what they are. Some wooden blocks also. Press has not prin­ted for quite a few years but appears to be pretty com­plete. I don’t know any­thing about print­ing but would like to regime this machine.
Con­tact seanflatley@gmail.com for pic­tures and more info.


Look­ing for lino­type met­al, prefer­ably ingots for cast­ing on lud­low and inter­type equip­ment.
Altern­at­ively if you know of a good sup­pli­er, please let me know.
Thanks, Nigel

June 2020


Dear all, I have a Mod­el No.3 table top let­ter­press machine that lacks the cor­rect chase. I have been mak­ing do with smal­ler ones, but am now fed up with the faff! It’s now my dearest wish to have the right chase that just lifts in and out of the machine, without hast­ily made sup­ports that usu­ally mean I print on the wonk. So please, if any­one has a chase for my Mod­el No. 3, I would be very happy.
Thanks in advance for your help,

February 2020

For Sale or Disposal

We are selling our much loved West­ern No.5 Gal­ley Proof­ing Press (as we are mov­ing over­seas). The press was restored by Bey­ond Let­ter­press in 2015. It has a large print area, shelving and low main­ten­ance. We brought it for £4,500 and will accept near offers. Pick up from Lon­don SE16.


For Sale or Disposal

Vic­tor­ia A3 par­al­lel art platen. Ger­man built c.1930.The Rock­­stroh-Werke AG of Hei­de­nau built these fant­ast­ic machines pri­or to WWII. Much sought after by fine print­ers for their even impres­sion and superb ink­ing. Easy to oper­ate, with adjustable roller rail height, cent­ral impres­sion weight, brake etc. This is the A3 mod­el (platen 420 x 300 mm). Comes with two chases and side tables, two large on one small grip­pers. Large single phase vari­able speed elec­tric motor. Domest­ic 3 pin plug. 1.5HP.  The press has been in con­tinu­al use and is well main­tained – no work needed. The machine can be lif­ted onto pal­let for col­lec­tion near Durham.  If a buy­er is on the east between Kent and Northum­ber­land, shared deliv­ery might be pos­sible. Only selling as I have an eye on a slightly lar­ger machine. If I’d the space, I’d be keep­ing this one. Cash on col­lec­tion or bank trans­fer. Offers around £1,200.00