Letterpress Guides

Step-by-step guides to take you through the let­ter­press process

Let­ter­press print­ers were tra­di­tion­ally trained by oth­er let­ter­press print­ers through appren­tices. As com­mer­cial let­ter­press has declined the oppor­tun­ity for per­son­al tuition has got smal­ler. We’ve guides here to help you with the let­ter­press basics: get­ting the type togeth­er; using the press; select­ing paper and clean­ing up. We also cov­er buy­ing a press and type; and look­ing after it all.


Letterpress From Scratch

Get­ting into a let­ter­press mind­set to begin printing


Where to get that spark to begin your typo­graph­ic design


Bring­ing your indi­vidu­al met­al types together


The major part of the process

After Printing

The cru­cial steps between stop­ping the press, and tea and buns

Other Arts

The myri­ad of oth­er spe­cialims attached to printing

Disposing or Selling Letterpress Equipment

Help get­ting rid of let­ter­press equipment

A Small Printing Office

The requis­ites for a small print­ing office

Equipment for your Printing Works

The build­ing blocks of your let­ter­press print­ing works

Edmondson-style Rail Tickets

The char­ac­ter­ist­ic stiff card rail­way tick­ets, and how you can re-cre­ate them