Heidelberg Cylinder Presses

“The finest let­ter­press machines ever made”

The fun­da­mental advant­age of a cyl­in­der press is that the impres­sion of paper on type only has to be delivered in a small strip — the point where the cyl­in­der touches paper and type.  Oth­er presses have to get an impres­sion across the whole area of the type at once.  This means cyl­in­der presses can use a great­er force with great­er pre­ci­sion that their platen equivalent.

Heidel­berg cyl­in­der presses are claimed by many to be the peak of pre­ci­sion let­ter­press work at volume.  Their 1958 offer­ings are detailed below in spe­cific­a­tion and pic­tures from brochures.

Heidel­berg Cyl­in­der Specifications

Ori­ginal Heidel­berg Cyl­in­der 15″ x 20½” Ori­ginal Heidel­berg Cyl­in­der 21″ x 28″
Largest Paper Size 15″ x 20½” 21.25″ x 28.375″
Smal­lest Paper Size 4.125″ x 5.875″ 4.5″ x 6.375″
Inside Chase 14.25″ x 18.75″ 20.25″ x 26.375″
Max­imum Run­ning Speed 5,000 iph 4,000 iph
Floor Space Required 8’4.5″ x 4’7.125″ 11’2.25″ x 6’3″
Power Required 5.5 hp 7 hp
Net weight 7,950 lbs (gross) 13,650 lbs (gross)

Ori­ginal Heidel­berg Cyl­in­der 15" x 20½"

Heidel­berg Cyl­in­der 15 x 20

Ori­ginal Heidel­berg Cyl­in­der 21" x 28"

Heidel­berg Cyl­in­der 21 x 28