The Adana 8 x 5

Adana’s most pop­u­lar machine: the Adana 8×5

In June 1953, the Adana Eight-Five was unveiled cost­ing £16.80. There have been a total of three variants –

  • Mk I: A two-part frame with each roller on an indi­vidu­al spring-loaded arm
  • Mk. II: (c. early 1960s) A two-part frame with rollers held on a single, sprung T‑arm
  • Mk. III: (c. early 1970s) A frame in one part with the single, sprung T‑arm

This press is prob­ably the most pop­u­lar ama­teur press in the UK.  In addi­tion there has been a hot foil ver­sion of the machine.