Arab Press Register

In the Sum­mer of 2013 I set up a form to col­lect details of Arabs presses around the world.  There are 19 presses registered at the moment run­ning in age from about 1892 to 1907. If you run an Arab and are will­ing to share the details, please com­plete the Arab Register.  In the com­ing months, I’ll organise…


The Wipers Times

The BBC will broad­cast a pro­gramme detail­ing the Wipers Times, a trench magazine made by sol­diers at Ypres in World War I.  I under­stand Tim Hon­nor’s Arab will have star billing!

Taking an Arab Apart

A step-by-step account of dis­mant­ling an Arab press

Incline Press, Oldham

Incline Press, Oldham

History of the Jobbing Platen

The work­horse of com­mer­cial small-scale print­ing in the UK

Platen Presses

Presses that use a ‘clam shell’ approach

Robert Smail's, Innerleithen

A let­ter­press time-cap­sule in the Scot­tish Borders

Bradford Industrial Museum

Brad­ford’s Indus­tri­al Museum

Buying and Running an Arab

What to look for in an Arab press; and how to put it together