There are a reasonable number of suppliers for your letterpress needs. This limited list is based on personal recommendations. Please contact me if you want to recommend a supplier or want to be added.  The Letterpress Alive site provides a more comprehensive list of current suppliers.


Two current suggestions: The Block Shop, Speke or KPE Graphics, Kettering.

Printers’ Engineer

Tony Wood, Leeds: 0113 260 6134 —


Rollers for common hand presses are available from a number of UK sources.  Try Adana’s parent company — Caslon.

Printers’ Suppliers: Paper, Inks, Card

Gemini Printers’ Supplies offer a comprehensive catalogue of different papers, and also supply letterpress inks and some other sundries.

Composing Room Stores

Quotes from Composing Room Stores
Quotes from Composing Room Stores

Mr Julius Stafford-Baker, a great letterpress advocate and hands-on helper, has launched the first 21st Century store selling 19th Century equipment with his Composing Room Stores. You can order many of the requsites of the letterpress printer from him — furniture and leading, packing and quoins. You can also hire single words (properly ‘sorts’) from him in fancy types.

The Logan Press

Patrick Roe runs a Monotype operation; a letterpress printing works; and also a service to move and restore machinery!  Have a look at for details.

Alderson & Co

Alderson & CO Limited specialise in all things letterpress. Full Restoration, Sales, Service, Breakdown and Relocation of all Letterpress Machinery. Contact Neil Alderson on 07834045453 or