There are a reasonable number of suppliers for your letterpress needs. This limited list is based on personal recommendations. Please contact me if you want to recommend a supplier or want to be added.  The Letterpress Alive site provides a more comprehensive list of current suppliers.

Quions, Keys, Composing Sticks

Dave Kearley at DD Metal Products in Bishop’s Stortford make metal letterpress supplies including new quoin keys, composing sticks and tympan bars, plus offer serviced and cleaned quoins.


Two current suggestions: The Block Shop, Speke or KPE Graphics, Kettering.

Printers’ Engineer

Tony Wood, Leeds: 0113 260 6134 —


Rollers for common hand presses are available from a number of UK sources.  Try Adana’s parent company — Caslon.

Printers’ Suppliers: Paper, Inks, Card

Gemini Printers’ Supplies offer a comprehensive catalogue of different papers, and also supply letterpress inks and some other sundries.

Composing Room Stores

Quotes from Composing Room Stores
Quotes from Composing Room Stores

Mr Julius Stafford-Baker, a great letterpress advocate and hands-on helper, has launched the first 21st Century store selling 19th Century equipment with his Composing Room Stores. You can order many of the requsites of the letterpress printer from him — furniture and leading, packing and quoins. You can also hire single words (properly ‘sorts’) from him in fancy types.

The Logan Press

Patrick Roe runs a Monotype operation; a letterpress printing works; and also a service to move and restore machinery!  Have a look at for details.

Alderson & Co

Alderson & CO Limited specialise in all things letterpress. Full Restoration, Sales, Service, Breakdown and Relocation of all Letterpress Machinery. Contact Neil Alderson on 07834045453 or


Caslon, Adana’s parent company, are again producing Adana machines and all the associated equipment and supplies.

Adana Shop

France-based supplier of renovated Adana machines.