Metal Type: Monotype Recorders

An amaz­ing pro­ject by Dave Hughes and John Cor­ne­lisse to scan the back cop­ies of the Mono­type Record­er.  The Mono­type Record­er both set the stand­ard and doc­u­mented the advance of typo­graphy at the hands of this firm and these PDFs will make fas­cin­at­ing read­ing.  Thanks, both!

MacTronic: Monotype Typesetting from Computer

Harry McIn­tosh’s advanced sys­tem to take word-pro­cessed text on a PC to gleam­ing new met­al types

Monotype Super Caster

The Mono­type solu­tion to one-off, lar­ger let­ter­press types

Monotype Composition Caster

The Mono­type machine to cast pages of con­tinu­ous text from a punched paper tape

Monotype Keyboard

The first step in Mono­type pro­duc­tion: encod­ing the words