Ajax Major

The Ajax Engi­neer­ing Com­pa­ny was a com­peti­tor to Adana and took a more ‘engi­neered’ approach to press­es than Adana.

The firm seemed to empha­sise their flatbed press, although they did make an ‘Ajax Mas­ter’ which had a unique par­al­lel-plat­en approach. While it was sim­i­lar to an Adana 8 x 5, the plat­en moved on a ‘pis­ton’ rather than a toggle.

Their flatbed press took a slight­ly dif­fer­ent approach to Adana — they used a sin­gle, large roller (like ear­ly Adana machines), and con­trolled the depth of impres­sion through two nuts at the head of the plat­en. In lit­er­a­ture the firm claimed that their press­es had unique fea­tures — ‘accu­rate­ly machined Type-bed and plat­en’, ‘Twin Paper Grip­per Fin­gers’ — and these fea­tures put the Ajax in a ‘class of their own’.

Like many oth­er small-press mak­ers, Ajax sold com­plete kits for the hob­by­ist includ­ing mal­let and plan­er, and black and red inks.  They were dwarfed by Adana and went out of busi­ness before Adana.  Far less is known of Ajax than Adana.