Letterpress Printers

The UK’s com­mer­cial and ama­teur printers

This is an early ver­sion of a page to list the UK’s let­ter­press print­ers.  Many of those lis­ted here print and offer courses or oth­er things.  The people lis­ted under here are primar­ily printers.

Typoretum, Colchester

Just Knop­p’s Typo­retum, Essex

The Letterpress Collective, Bristol

Nick Hand and Ellen Bills run the Let­ter­press Col­lect­ive in Bris­tol.  They run courses, under­take print­ing and organ­ise a print fest­iv­al each year.  Nick sus­pects (and I agree) that he is the only print­er to have a fully fledged bicycle with a print­ing press on that has rid­den from Bris­tol to Mainz print­ing along the way. Centrespace, 6 Leonard…

TypeTom, Bognor Regis

Tom Boulton runs TypeTom, which includes print­ing and tuition.   TypeTom also has a rather charm­ing online shop. Gla­mis Street, Bognor Regis, PO21 1DQ

Incline Press, Oldham

Incline Press, Oldham

Richard Lawrence, Oxford

Richard Lawrence, Oxford

Hand & Eye Letterpress, London

Hand & Eye Let­ter­press: fine print­ers and sup­pli­ers of let­ter­press type, London