Mostly Flat, Ludlow

Dulcie Fulton’s let­ter­press courses.

Principles and Operation of the Ludlow

How the Lud­low works, and how it’s oper­ated: in outline

Elrod Strip and Rule Caster

The machine used by smal­ler print­ers to cast new ‘strip material’

Ludlow Typography

Just as com­pet­it­ors wanted to improve typo­graphy gen­er­ally, Lud­low also took on the challenge

The Ludlow System

Secur­ing an “inex­haustable sup­ply of new type” for the smal­ler printer

Press Here, Coupar Angus

John Eas­son’s workshop

The Ludlow Typograph

The less-pop­u­lar broth­er of the Intertype/Linotype and the Mono­type system

Type and Typography

The build­ing blocks of the prin­ted word and today’s graph­ic design