Print Futures Awards: 2018 - Call for Applications

The Print Futures Awards help people devel­op their career in the UK print­ing, paper, pub­lish­ing, pack­aging and graph­ic arts sectors.

What are the Print Futures Awards?

The Awards are grants of up to £1,500 to help indi­vidu­als devel­op their work­place skills or assist new people to fol­low a path­way into employ­ment with liv­ing and travel costs while study­ing and working.

Who can apply?

You are eli­gible to apply if you are a UK res­id­ent aged 18–30 years and

  • are an appren­tice or study­ing for an NVQ in a UK print-related organisation
  • are already work­ing in the UK industry and want to fur­ther develop
    your work­place skills

Apply here